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Red Fork Production, founded in 1996, is a fully-licensed, insured and bonded Oil and Gas Operator, sanctioned both in the State of Texas (Operator Number 697024) and in the State of Oklahoma (Operator Number 20711).

Our Mission, Our Goal

Red Fork Production, LLC, founded in 1996, is in the business of Resource Balancing.  We are deeply affected by the balance of nature, both above ground and below.  We work very closely with our land and our mineral owners, and are very careful to create a positive impact in our operations.  We exercise more care and prudence than is expected of us by the various regulatory agencies, not because we are forced, but because we believe.  We initiate, develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our surface and mineral resource partners.  We are cognizant of their concerns, and we initiate many permanent improvements to their domain.   In addition, all phases of our operations are geared toward protecting the Asset, and we exercise every practice to conserve and maximize reservoir drainage to achieve the greatest recovery of our planet’s scarce hydrocarbon reserves. 


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